Will Shivers plays a range of characters, including himself. His writing and directing gears toward social satire. Who is Will Shivers? The question may be: Who isn’t he?

Functional Chaos
A trailer for a recently completed pilot, written and directed by Will in which he plays nine characters. You have to believe it to see it.
The Sizzle Reel is a 7-minute version of the 36-minute Functional Chaos pilot.
Click here to view the Sizzle Reel.
The Yoganator
A short Will wrote, edited and directed that is both an homage to and a satire of his yoga gurus, the self help movement, and the slick action film/comic book trend. Should it be taken seriously? Yes. Should you laugh? Yes and yes.
A Saturday Night Live Audition
A skilled impressionist and a Saturday Night Live fan, this is Will’s take on the infamous audition process in front of discerning producer, Lorne Michaels. A love letter disguised as a critique.
The 40s Guys
Written and directed by Bluespark Studios founder David Brzozowski, the 40s Guys is an old school, nostalgic filter of topics of our times. Will plays Guy #3, often the practical voice of reason and randomly sporting a thin moustache.
Acting Reel
A sample of Will Shivers’ acting work.