As director, actor, and writer, I like to play in the worlds that I create. By the age of 8, I had SNL, Spielberg and Blazing Saddles continually on rotation. I had fallen in love with the power of film and satire.

I prefer smart and subtle satirical comedy often poking fun at the things I adore most. A Saturday Night Live Audition showcases twenty different celebrity impressions in front of an unfazed Lorne Michaels (all played by me). The Yoganator mocks the irony of ego in yoga while serving as a vehicle for profanity-laden life wisdom.

After dozens of acting roles in commercials, voice overs, television and film appearances, several plays, six television pilots as writer, several feature films as co-writer, I created my dream Comedy Sketch TV project, Functional Chaos. Fusing my comedic influences of the past with my unique point of view of today’s hot topics, the show is at times edgy and other times whimsical and showcases a wide and wild range of my characters in seven satirical shorts.

Recently I co-wrote and edited the Jon Braver short, The Hypnotist, which has garnered much buzz at the genre film festivals, and is currently in development to become a feature film. Meanwhile, Bwown Bugg has garnered more and more success on the comedy film festival circuit as of late. I am also thrilled to have just completed writing “Crossing Lincoln”, my first solo feature-length action/comedy script set to go in production within the next year.

After graduating USC film school, I worked on “Mad TV”, “The Long Kiss Goodnight” and “The X-files”. While taking improv classes at The Groundlings, I “borrowed” the show’s editing equipment to create my own short films where the character actor in me emerged.

Though I’ve tried, I haven’t been able to suppress it since.

Bwown Bugg keeps winning!


Bwown Bugg, directed, edited and co-starring yours truly is now winner of the most audience awards at both the Austin Comedy Film Festival and the Los Angeles Underground Film Festival. It also won best editing. Come see it in July

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I play a range of characters, including myself. My writing and directing gears toward social satire. Who is Will Shivers? The question may be: Who aren’t I? Deep, I know.


A sample of my acting work.


A trailer for the pilot, I wrote and directed. I play nine characters.
You have to believe it to see it.


A short I wrote, edited and directed that is both an homage to and a satire of my yoga gurus, the self help movement, and the slick action film/comic book trend. Should it be taken seriously? Yes. Should you laugh? Yes and yes.


A fan of impressions and Saturday Night Live, this is my take on the infamous audition process in front of discerning producer, Lorne Michaels. A tough love letter.


I have been fascinated by voices since I was a kid. So I decided to make a living at it.
From the resonant, assured announcer to zany animated characters, my biggest “problem” is my range. Especially when ordering take out.


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